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The Actor's Refuge


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Fill out the form to schedule time to speak with Brian.


This is a time to learn about his acting philosophy and thoughts on character work.


There is no charge for this initial consult. 

Individual Consulting

What constitutes individual consulting?


Scene Preparation

What questions are you asking of the character?

Cost: $75.00 per hour


One on One Teaching

Exploring the principles that are discussed in the intensive class.

Cost: $75.00 per hour



For self tapes or online auditions. 

Cost: $50.00

The Actor's Refuge Intensive

The flagship program of The Actor's Refuge is a 20 week program that meets once a week. Class will last up to three hours; sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more. The maximum number of students is capped at 9 per class. 

Everything in class will be done towards fully investigating and expressing character in a meaningful, dynamic way; freeing up the imagination so as to illuminate the genuine human interaction of a scene, moment to moment.  


The online class set up will always replicate our new reality of self taping and Zoom auditioning - with an actor and a reader and then it’s about drilling over and over again under various circumstances. The practice does not depend on being tied to a scene partner; where an actor doesn’t get to perform if their scene partner doesn’t show up for class. Everyone will perform with a reader just like in a casting session.  

Online classes are held over Zoom and assignments alternate between self tape practice, one on one engagement or with the full class observing.


Feedback will be handled the same way. Watching assignments and discussing is probably the most important aspect of the class. 


Because of the class size and structure, this training is highly individualized and everyone participates every week. 

Participation is by audition or by invitation only and once after attending a meet and greet that outlines the specifics of the curriculum and the expectations for the term. 

Cost: $1100 for the 20 week course.


Payments can be made in full or on a payment plan - weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, half and half...whatever works best for the participant. 

Click the button for more information.

Refuge Roundtables

These sessions are online conversations with a variety of entertainment professionals.

Topics will include whatever comes up in the course of shootin' the breeze. 


Cost: Free

For the foreseeable future, all events  will be held via ZOOM.


Once there is a vaccine in place (and the country goes back to a semblance of normalcy), we will split class time between in person and online. 

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