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Some news to share...


Actor's Refuge founder, Brian Hill, shot a short film during the pandemic called "Alexithymia." It was just announced as a finalist for the inaugural International Poetry Film Festival. 

Also...Brian has returned to the loving arms of Chicago, IL where he will continue pursuing teaching as well as performing and filmmaking.

Our Acting Training

One on one consults function as an extension of the intensive program. The focus is on the character and the psychology that underpins every scene. There is a genuine human interaction on the page and it is the job of the actor to bring that off the page...with honesty and courage; not concerned with issues of right or wrong, but rather with what is TRUE. 


 Areas of discussion revolve around the given circumstances, the relationship and the environment.

The five month long intensive strives to be an open forum for the active investigation of the acting process one small group at a time. The intensive explores the paradox of the process and the profession, celebrating the practical and the mystical. 

There is a tradition in San Antonio​ where the first Friday of every month is a time for artists to come together and share time together...typically around food and beverage. 

This is the online version of that.


Brian brings together industry folks - producers, actors, casting professionals -  to talk about the industry, especially in a time of Covid-19. 

About The Intensive

Daniel Floren

Actor’s Refuge was a a forum for me to workout my own acting beliefs. If you want someone to tell you what to do, Brian is not your guy. If you want someone to give some scaffolding and support as you discover for yourself, check out Actor’s Refuge.

Iman Karram

...In this class, I felt like I truly had the ability to ask difficult questions, get over the concern of the judgement of my choices, voice uncertainties about my own process, and feel the freedom to experiment without worrying about how it turned out, which allowed me to discover new ways of approaching a character and the way I audition.

Zoe Kanters

This isn’t an audition technique class. He’s not there to help you “book the room” or job. He and your classmates are there to help you discover, explore, and get rid of old habits and beliefs about the craft and business. Your work doesn’t stop when the class is over though. It’s just the beginning of taking back your power as an actor. I couldn’t recommend this class more.

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